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We create events that aim to sharpen existing skills, introduce new ideas, and provide forward growth for all participants. LAHMAS is designed to help fencers with personalized training goals. Rather than establishing our own school, we aim to supplement the training of fencers from various clubs by providing workshops, small-group training sessions, and interactions that mix communities from different fencing backgrounds.

We supplement the already existing HEMA scene in Los Angeles by finding new and experimental ways to train both fundamental and advanced fencing skills.  LAHMAS collaborates with both individuals and schools to organize events that approach the teaching and training of fencers in new and novel ways. Every event is led by a passionate practitioner who will keep you on your feet and improving. We want all participants to be thinking, interacting, and experimenting with the material. We maintain a positive and welcoming training environment with creative coaching and a skilled peer group.

What LAHMAS does

What does it cost? 

Since LAHMAS is not a fencing club, we do not require monthly dues. Attendees pay event-specific registration fees based on the particulars of the event. We do require that those attending LAHMAS classes and workshops register with the HEMA Alliance for insurance purposes.

LAHMAS believes that historical martial arts is for everyone. We are committed to helping you feel safe, welcome, and supported. We explicitly reject any attempt at using historical martial arts to support ethno-nationalism, white supremacy, or misogyny.


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